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Talk: The Soya Story
Our talk about soya health & nutrition.

Guide: The Soya Story
Everything you wanted to know about Soya.

Fact sheet: The Safety of Soya
Read our fully-referenced soya fact sheet
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Fact sheet: Soya-Based Infant Formula
A safe alternative to cow's milk formula
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Article: The Soya Saga
Should we be running scared or welcoming this little bean into our hearts and stew pots?
Read this article on soya from VeggieHealth issue 4

Viva!Health examines the soya scare-mongering stories and investigates what, if any, scientific basis there is behind them

Soya and the Environment
Soya farming is devastating the Amazon, but where does all the soya go? It's not for human consumption…

What worries you most? Read some of our most frequently asked nutritional enquiries

Soya research
Read the scientific evidence for yourself…

Is Soya Safe?

There is a huge amount of misinformation and downright daftness about soya which is why Viva!Health has launched this website dedicated to informing and myth-busting.

Viva!Health get more nutritional enquiries about soya than any other subject! Nearly every day someone emails or telephones Viva!Health to ask if soya is safe, can it harm children? Will it feminise boys? Does it contain hormones? Our soya fact sheets are used for health food shop staff training and have been requested by a leading soya milk manufacturer to hand out at public talks.

Factsheet: The Safety of Soya

Viva!Health examines the latest science on soya.

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If you want to read our fully-referenced fact sheet on the safety of soya, find out more about soya-based infant formulas, read some of the most frequently asked questions and access some delicious recipes read on...

Guide: The Soya Story

Everything you wanted to know about soya. The truth about how it impacts our health and the environment

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Describes the nutritional benefits of soya foods, the wide range of health benefits and the environmental impact of soya farming. Also features a wide range of tasty, inventive recipes from miso soup to chocolate mousse. Contains useful information about soya foods that will both inform and reassure you that soya is a healthy, nutritious and safe food for people of all ages.

Soya Recipes:

Soya and the Environment

Where soya is grown and why. Soya sourcing & GM policies

Europe imports 3.3 billion tonnes of soya beans per year from Brazil to feed farmed animals.

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